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How to Organize Your Storage Unit

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty interesting storage units! Trust us. While the majority of our units are rented out for pretty standard residential and business reasons, they still differ significantly in terms of organization.

Some owners are concerned about opening the door. Others – well, let’s just say we know them by name and have offered them an opportunity to clean our houses!

But again, the vast majority of storage unit rentals are looking for quick and convenient. We’ve put together these 5 tips to quickly and expertly organize your storage unit.

1. Use the same size boxes or totes.

It may not always be possible depending on the size of your stored items, but the fewer size cardboard boxes or plastic totes used, the easier it is to stack them. You’ll not risk leaning towers, and you’ll utilize the most efficient use of your space without having to upgrade to a larger unit.

2. Label. Everything.

While we’d love to see you, we’re also sure you have better uses of your time than sifting through your storage unit looking for those holiday decorations. By keeping boxes clearly marked – rooms, holidays, items, etc you’ll not only save time but also not have to re-organize and re-arrange after every trip.

3. Organize your unit.

When moving in, we recommend storing by location based on the frequency of access as well as by item type. Those items that you’ll never touch? They go towards the back. The items you’ll be moving in and out on a monthly basis? Towards the front.

Also, consider grouping your unit by rooms. All kitchen boxes on the back left. All living room décor on the front right. This will make it easier for your moving buddies or hired crew to help move you in (or out).

4. Use shelving.

Did you know that at all Sunshine Self Storage locations, we welcome the use of shelving to help further organize your unit? Please don’t bolt to the walls or floors, but the use of temporary shelving can help make your unit cleaner and utilize some of the high space that often goes unused!

5. Create a master list.

If you have multiple people accessing your storage unit, make it easier on everyone by creating a master list of what items are stored and their location. This is especially helpful for business storage units. A quick pop in and out is made much easier when you know exactly what and where you’re looking for something.

If your unit remains messy and unusable in its current state, you may want to consider renting a larger unit. More floor space may be just the organizational tool you need to make your storage experience that much better. We’d love to add some sunshine to your day and make your storage experience a great one! Ready to reserve your unit? Get in touch with our friendly team!

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