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5 RV Storage Tips

The time of year has finally come… it’s time to put your RV in storage for the season. No one is excited to do this, but we all know it’s necessary from time to time. RV storage is a popular option because not many people have the space at home, or there are restrictions against large-vehicle storage by cities and Florida homeowners associations. Let us help you make a smart, informed choice for your RV storage.

Florida RV Storage

Here are our top 5 tips:

Tip #1: Selecting an RV Storage Location

Security should be one of your highest priorities when selecting an RV storage location. You should visit the site (or sites) you are thinking of using and see firsthand how the company handles security. Do they have a guard on-site? How many and where are their security cameras? Do they have fencing, gates and access codes?

Tip #2: Preparing the Inside of Your RV

Remove all valuables. RVs are often targeted by thieves because they typically contain expensive electronics.

Next, you should thoroughly clean the inside of your RV and remove all food. This is one area you don’t want to do a quick job on; a detailed cleaning is essential. Take time to wipe down all surfaces; including countertops, tabletops, cabinets, bathrooms, and floors.

After cleaning the refrigerator and freezer, leave the doors open for ventilation and to prevent mold. Also, consider leaving drawers and cabinet doors slightly open to prevent odors. Sweep and/or vacuum floors.

Take time to drain all the water from your storage tanks and water lines. If cold temperatures are forecast (it has happened!), you will want to add a non-toxic RV antifreeze to keep the pipes from freezing. This can also be considered for storage of any extended period of time.

Finally, when completing your interior prep checklist, shut off the main breaker and LP gas supply. Also, unplug and remove the batteries from small appliances.

Tip #3: Protect Against Pests

The detailed cleaning you completed from Tip #2 will serve you well in keeping out unwanted guests. After cleaning, think of all places insects or rodents could enter and make it harder for them to get in. Cover vents and filters. Check the undercarriage of your RV for loose panels or any gaps and cover as needed prior to storage.

Tip #4: Keeping Your RV Dry and Other Exterior Prep

Moisture or mold damage within your RV is definitely something you don’t want to deal with and if it’s ever happened to you, you know you will do whatever you can to prevent it from happening again. Two keys to preventing this while in storage are good seals and ventilation.

Always check all exterior seams and rubber seals for cracks; repair as necessary. Retract slide-outs to minimize the chance for leaks. And if you don’t already have them, install roof vent covers. They allow air to freely flow while keeping out the elements and pests.

Tip #5: Tires

To maximize the life of your tires, you should properly prepare them for outdoor storage. Check each tire’s pressure and ensure they are filled to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Also, place wood or plastic beneath your tires to make sure they’re not touching the ground. It prevents the rubber from aging and cracking.

Looking for RV storage? Sunshine Self Storage has locations in Boca Raton, Cooper City, Pensacola, and Miramar. We offer various features at each of our locations. We have convenient access hours and would be happy to help with your RV storage needs. Please call us today or look for details on our website for options at each location.

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