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How to Choose the Correct Storage Unit

There are many reasons you may be looking for a storage unit. Are you preparing to move? Looking for the perfect spot for your toys? Or just need a little extra space?

With so many different options, choosing the correct storage unit for your needs can feel overwhelming! On your typical commute, you may pass by dozens of storage units. They may look the same on the outside, but trust us, there are many (very important) differences!

Types of Units

When looking at storage unit options, some people get confused about the differences between indoor and outdoor units. We like to explain that they are similar to a hotel. In a indoor unit, similar to many hotels, you have to walk into the building or lobby first and then down the hall to your unit.

Similar to hotels with the doors on the outside of the hotel, outdoor storage units operate much the same way. The building contains multiple units (or rooms if you will), but the door can be accessed without having to walk into the building.

Indoor Storage Units: The main benefit of having an indoor storage unit is that weather is never a factor. Loading and organizing your unit will occur in the cool convenience of our air-conditioned and climate-controlled facilities.

Additionally, while all outdoor units at all Sunshine Self Storage locations are secured and monitored, indoor units have an additional measure of security due to the building access.

Outdoor Storage Units: The main benefit of an outdoor storage unit is that you can drive up to the door. This makes loading and unloading easy and quick. For those utilizing outdoor storage units to store toys (ATVs, boats, kayaks, canoes, bikes, trailers, etc), having the ease of a drive-up is a requirement.

Climate Controlled Areas: Due to our beautiful Florida weather, all of our indoor storage units are climate-controlled. Naturally, our air-conditioned indoor spaces have greater temperature regulation and are therefore generally a more affordable space. Whether or not you need a climate-controlled space, however, certainly depends on what you intend to store and length of time it will be held in storage.

Specialty Storage: Looking for the perfect space to store your boat, RV, or other oversized or specialty item? At Sunshine Self Storage, we offer specialty storage for all of your needs. Specialty storage varies by location but can be found in various sizes at our locations in Miramar, Boca Raton, Cooper City, and Pensacola.

Commercial Storage Units: Commercial units can offer extra room for small businesses to warehouse products, hold extra inventory, or even maintain a shipping business.

After you’ve determined the correct type of storage unit, you’ll need to determine the correct size. Check out our easy and convenient storage calculator or contact us to find the correct size unit for your possessions.

We’d love to add some sunshine to your day and make your storage experience a great one! Ready to reserve your unit? Reserve online for stress-free booking!

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